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Frequently asked questions

  • Are your garments produced ethically?

    At Uniform Essentials there is an underlying and long standing commitment to ethical trading based upon the belief that business can be both profitable and responsible. We only work with approved factories that hold a no child labour policy and can provide safe healthy workplace conditions. We insist on no forced labour, regular work with paid living wages, non excessive work hours, no discrimination and no harsh or inhumane treatment. We are also committed to operating in a way that is mindful of the demand on our planets limited resources. We have incorporated the use of renewable energy sources into our operations and reduced the levels of product packaging. Uniform Essentials also recycles and uses biodegradable materials whenever possible.
  • Why should I spend money on branded apparel?

    First and foremost because it creates Company Awareness, raises your Brand or Club Identity, and reinforces Staff and Team Pride. Thoughtfully designed branded apparel drives word-of-mouth advertising and creates inquires. It is a proven valuable asset as well as a powerful marketing tool to raise your company awareness and profile. When your team or staff look and feel great, outsiders take note of the positive attitude and pride you have in the company culture. Uniform Essentials garments are expert at creating a great first impression and will help your Club or Company break away from the pack with clothing your team will love!
  • What is the process involved to set up a new logo for embroidery?

    In order to give you an accurate quote on any work we firstly need to see your artwork. Please email all artwork to enquiries@uniformessentials.com.au, with a brief description of how you want your logo to look.

    In order for us to embroider your logo, the logo must first be digitised to produce a digital template for the machine to follow. The cost of digitising depends on the complexity of your design and the amount of stitches.

    Once we have received and reviewed your artwork we will be able to quote you on the digitising and the embroidery cost. Once we have your digitised logo on file, you may wish to use the same logo and size on future orders, meaning there will be no further digitising costs involved. If you wish to make significant changes to the logo (i.e. size and artwork) the logo may have to be re-digitised or altered, which will incur a fee.

    A stitch out of the logo will be produced for approval by the customer, before embroidering onto garments.

  • What is the general order process?

    Step 1: Initial customer inquiry.

    Step 2: Suggest brands and styles and customers to choose from a selection of catalogues.

    Step 3: Sample garments are provided to the customer for sizing if necessary.

    Step 4: The customer must provide Uniform Essentials with a copy of their logo.

    Step 5: Uniform Essentials will provide the customer with a quote, which is valid for a period of 30 days (to be approved before the order can be placed).

    Step 6: A 50% deposit will be required at approval of quotation (unless prior arrangement).

    Step 7: Uniform Essentials will create an artwork proof for print option, or a stitch out for embroidery to be approved by customer.

    Step 8: Once approved the order is placed, it's put in queue to be printed or embroidered.

    Step 9: The customer is contacted when garments are ready to be collected.

  • Will the customer see a stitch out or a proof of their design?

    Yes, clients are either sent a copy (logos and design proofs) or can view the sample in-store (stitch-outs).

  • What turn-around time can customers expect when ordering in garments?

    Most jobs are fulfilled within 10- 15 working days after approval of artwork.

  • Do you create logos from scratch?

    Yes, we can create a logo from scratch, however we do outsource all graphic art. Depending on the complexity of the logo, additional fees may be incurred.

  • What is the set-up fee and what is it for?

    For embroidery, a set-up of $70.00 + GST is a one-time fee charged, providing no changes are required to digitise your logo (i.e.; converted to a format the embroidery machine can use).

    For screen printing, a set-up fee is a one-time fee charged (unless changes are required). These are based per film/screen set up, for each colour/logo.

  • What is embroidery?

    Embroidery is a machine stitching onto fabric using thread.

  • What type of items can you embroider on?

    Most fabrics, as long as the fabric is not too thin or thick. Please contact us if you have any queries about materials.

  • Do you embroider towels?

    Yes, we do. Please ask our friendly staff about our font options and pricing.

  • What type of font can you use on towels?

    Snell (lower case) and Zephyr (Upper case).

  • What size logo is recommended for embroidery on a shirt?

    Usually maximum dimensions are between 50 - 100mm wide for front side logo.

  • What is the smallest size text which can be used to embroider?

    5mm high is the smallest size text. However, this must be digitised.

  • What are the headwear embroidery dimensions for front positioning?

    The logo cannot exceed 60mm in height and can be up to 100mm wide.

  • How many thread colours can I use in my logo for embroidery?

    Your embroidered logo may include up to 15 different thread colours.

  • What other positions can my logo go?

    Left hand side of chest, right hand side of chest, right hand sleeve, left hand sleeve, across back of shoulder, etc. Other options are available, depending on the garment. Please see staff for more details.

  • What is screen printing?

    Screen printing is a technique using screen and ink to print onto selected fabrics.

  • What options are there for printing?

    Option 1: Screen Print / Transfer Print

    Is set up with film and is based on colour quantities. The maximum quantity of colours used is 6.

    Option 2: Film to Flex Full Colour Digital Print

    This printing technique is used for full colour logos with no film set ups. It is a film print which is thicker. This option is not long lasting and is ideal for one off garments.

    Option 3: Cut Flex

    Is mainly used for individual names and numbers on garments. i.e. sporting garments. Logos are not done in this format.

  • Is it cheaper to screen print or embroider?

    It depends on the size of the design, the quantity, the number of colours and the number of logos on each garment. Embroidery can be cheaper if it is a multiple colour logo. However, if the logo is full of stitches, this might not be the case. Quoting will best determine the cheapest option for each individual order.

  • Can you print onto dark garments?


  • Can I bring in my own garments in for embroidery and printing?

    Yes, you can bring in your own garments but we cannot guarantee the print being your own garments. Please note, Uniform Essentials have a minimum production charge. Please enquire instore for more information.

  • What type of customers have you printed/embroidered for?

    Schools, corporate companies, sporting clubs, small businesses and many more.

  • What is the minimum quantity to make up custom stubbie holders?


  • What is your refund policy?

    Please refer to our returns policy for further information. 

  • What are your payment terms?

    Uniform Essentials does not provide term accounts. Any request for an account for payment terms will be assessed on a case by case basis and no guarantees of acceptance are given. Payment for all completed work is due on completion/collection, unless prior arrangement.